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For flight delays, each passenger is entitled to compensation if the flight arrives at its destination 3 hours late or more, plus expenses with food and beverages and, if needed, transportation and hotel accommodation.

Flight delay rights

Flight delays affect hundreds of people every day. However there are laws protecting your rights if the the airline is faulty – and if the delays are more than 3 hours. Passenger Rights in the European Union are ruled by  Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004. This Regulation establishes rules on compensation and assistance to passengers who experience flight problems. Other laws, regulations and Court judgements expanded or clarified those rights. Each EU country cant have his own laws that cannot refute or even reduce the Consumer Rights provided by EC 261/2004 Regulation.

Compensation rules


Delay lenght

When a flight is delayed you have the right to compensation if the delay is longer than 3 hours upon door opening at destination.
Besides, you also have the right to care: for every 2 hours delay some beverage and food should be offered to passengers. Also hotel and food as necessary. Whatever the reason, the airline must take care of you until you reach your final destination. This includes food, hotels, and transport.


Entitled flights

– If your flight is within the EU and is operated either by an EU or a non-EU airline; – If your flight arrives in the EU from outside the EU and is operated by an EU airline; – If your flight departs from the EU to a non-EU country operated by an EU or a non-EU airline; – If you have not already received benefits (compensation, rerouting, assistance from the airline) for flight related problems for this journey under the relevant law of a non-EU country. Besides EU countries, Swiss, Norway and Iceland also adhered to this regulation. Other countries might have similar regulations (Canada, India, USA, Turkey and others) but they are not covered by our services. *All passengers have these rights, even those that are not EU citizens and/or live outside the EU.


Extraordinary circumstances

You can claim compensation provided that the delay was not caused by “extraordinary circumstances” such as: – Air traffic control decisions; – Political instability; – Adverse weather conditions; – Natural fenomena like vulcanos; – Security risks;
– Terrorism; – Strike action, if outside the airline personnel.

Examples of situations that provide you a compensation

Airline operational issues

The airline had to cancel the flight because of a problem related to the crew's planning, documents, cargo or fuel loading, etc

Airplane technical issues

It is the most frequent. Something is broken on the plane and needs to be repaired. Includes accidents like bird or stairs strike or blown tire.

Airplane rotation issues

The airline cancelled the flight due to previous delays or cancellations that hindered the normal operation of the aircraft.

Crew strike

Problems due to cabin crew or pilot strikes, that depend on the airline's management.

How much will you receive for a delayed flight?

1500 km or less


1501 km to 3500 km


More than 3500 km


How to claim your rights


Check if you are entitled

Enter your flight details and check the amount of the compensation. Quick, easy, no bureaucracy, no cost.


Submit your flight claim

Airlines usually refuse to pay. Let the experts do all work and pay all expenses. Then just wait and relax.


Get your money

When we win 75% is for you and 25% is for us. No win, no fee.

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Really good, really professional. It's not a quick process. And they take a decent chunk of the payout. But it's totally fair, all things considered. I really appreciate the help.
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Highly recommended! From all the flight reclaiming companies I reach out to, they where the only one who successfully resolved my case. Got my money back. Thank you!
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